5 Examples of Unusual Kitchen Floor Tiles

5 Examples of Unusual Kitchen Floor Tiles

Kitchen floors are by far one of the heaviest traffic areas of the home, unless you eat out daily and skip breakfast of course, but if that is you then this blog isn’t going to interest you at all! This blog post is aimed at clients who just love being in the kitchen, and clients who are seeking unusual floor tiles to make their kitchens scream style!

Here at The Baked Tile Co porcelain is our tile of choice for kitchen floors. It is bleach-able, steam-cleanable and scrub-able; all of the tiles set out below are porcelain for your convenience.

#1 – Shoreditch

Unusual pattern effect kitchen floor tiles

Straight in with a bold decorative print, Shoreditch would most suit a fun environment. If your kitchen itself is plain by adding this tile and a chalkboard wall you can instantly transform your space with very little financial outlay. Your kids will love it and its playful edge screams fun.

#2 – Langland

Unusual pattern effect kitchen floor tiles

As shown here combining a faded décor with a matching plain partner on a kitchen floor can assist in zoning areas. If you have an island or a dining area using a décor around the island/dining area will instantly zone that section of the room. Running the plain partner throughout the rest of the space will complement the décor section of floor without being too overkill.

#3 – London Soho

Unusual Retro pattern effect kitchen floor tiles

Modern takes on traditional floors having taken off in recent years with many Victorian and Edwardian homes undergoing extensive renovation for modern living. If you have a period property which you are renovating in a contemporary style but you don’t want to lose the traditional edge opt London Soho. With its size and format reminiscent of traditional styling but its matt finish and monochrome pallet being totally on trend you’ll be on to a winner!

#4 – London Funk

Unusual black and white pattern effect kitchen floor tiles

In the same way London Soho can add a modern edge to a traditional format of tile London Funk takes it one step further with its more contemporary, somewhat 70s inspired prints. Ideal for retro style living, or as before traditional homes with modern quirks.

#5 – Hexagon Random

Unusual hexagon pattern effect kitchen floor tiles

Hex is another big trend that designers have embraced in recent years. The latest take on this is mixed pattern or finish hexagon floors; a combination of multi patterns and plains works well. Not for the faint hearted this treat is best served with courage. Be bold and use a contrasting grout to further accentuate the hexagon shape.

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