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  1. Can you work out how many tiles I would need?

We are happy to advise you, but it is always prudent to get your tiler to check.  As we are not onsite, we won’t be aware of any details that might affect the number of tiles you need to allow for cuts and cannot therefore offer qualified advice on quantities.

  1. Will batch numbers need to be the same?

We always ensure each order is made up of tile types of the same batch. If you require more, please ensure you keep the batch (tono) number as found on the side of the box. We will do our best to match it for you. Please be aware tiles can vary in both colour and size.

  1. Do I have to buy a whole box?

If you are ordering one of our standard ranges, then no; you can buy as many single tiles as you need to complete the project.

  1. Why do people add on 10% extra on tiles quantities?

When you buy tiles you always have to allow for the waste you naturally have when cutting the tiles to install.  Generally, 10% is allowed, however with larger tiles, some pattern tiles and layouts like herringbone, more might be required.

  1. Do you offer a fitting service?

No, as The Baked Tile Co. deliver tiles right across the UK, we don’t have the resources to offer an installation service. We highly recommend you contact the Tile Association, who will have a recommended list of tilers in your area.

  1. Which tiles are suitable for use outdoors?

All porcelain tiles can be used outside as they have low absorption and are  inherently frost proof. The more complicated bit is, we wouldn't suggest you used all types of porcelain tiles in all outside installations.  Polished and honed porcelain is very slippery when wet, so avoid using them on any external floor areas. The safest option for outside is one of our anti slip ranges, but areas that are only used on a sunny day or are not a major thoroughfare into your home, may be fine clad in a natural finish product but that is something best decided by you the home owner. Our wood effect products look great on a patio and our patterned ranges can add real personality to a porch or the retaining walls in a garden. We have pulled together most of our anti-slip porcelain tiles into this category, but as degrees of slip resistance vary ,please contact us for advice.


  1. I’m looking to tile by a fireplace / log burner - what type of tiles should I use?

Firstly, there is a big difference, dependant on the style of fire you have. With a wood-burner we would always suggest a porcelain tile. A porcelain tile is more heat resistant. You can find our whole range listed under tiles by style/ porcelain. With a traditional fireplace most tiles can cope ( as did old Victorian soft biscuit tiles), this is because the heat is thrown into the room and not generated by the sides of the metal structure and projected directly onto the actual tiles, as it is with a log burning stove for example.

A hearth tile should be selected on the basis of the use it might get. If you think there is a risk of dropping logs etc on the hearth, then select a floor tile and not a wall tile. If it’s purely decorative, you can select whatever you like. But be aware wall tiles wont cope with impact of any kind.


  1. Do I need to seal your tiles?

The only tile within our collection that need sealing, is a true crackle glaze tiles within the Town and Country range.


  1. What’s the difference between ceramic and porcelain tiles?

Ceramic tiles are not as hard wearing as porcelain.  Avoid using them in extremely high traffic areas, as they do not have the wearing quality of porcelain-based tiles. Tiles made of porcelain are less porous and absorbent than ceramic, meaning they are more robust and can cope in high traffic areas.


  1. Can floor tiles be installed on walls and vice versa?

The basic rule is you can use floor tiles on a wall, but not wall tiles on a floor.

IF you wish to use large heavy tiles on a wall, please contact us and we will advise if the sub-straight can cope with the weight, if not you might require a backer board.


  1. What does Kerbside delivery mean?

We use a network of national hauliers to deliver our tiles and as with all national tile deliveries they will be delivered on a pallet and left as close to the property as possible. It isn’t possible to track these orders and they can arrive anytime from 9am to 6pm. If you wish for the driver to contact you before delivery, please let us know and we will request this for you. Please note pallets come as part of the packaging and will not be removed by the driver. Drivers will also not carry the tiles into your property for health & safety insurance reasons.


  1. What happens if I don’t like my tiles?

Please keep the pallet your tiles arrived on, make sure they are securely packaged, and you can return then to our warehouse within 30 days. Returns will be subject to a restocking charge of 25%. Once they are received by our team in a re-saleable condition we will issue you with a refund for the tiles - the original delivery charge is non-refundable. You will be responsible for the cost of retuning them to us. PLEASE NOTE non-stock, clearance, Job-lot items, grout, silicone & trim items cannot be returned.


  1. What happens if any of my tiles are damaged?

Please inform us within 3 days of receiving the damaged goods, send us photographs of the damaged item and we will immediately arrange to get you replacements free of charge.


  1. What type of tile is suitable with underfloor heating?

A porcelain is suitable with underfloor heating as it is more heat resistant and can cope with the thermal shock.


    15. Will Baked help me work out my quantities?

Yes the team will try to be as helpful as they can. If you send us your measurements or plans we will work out aprox quantities for you. But as we are not on site to measure ourselves and we are not aware of the layout option the tiler will chose when he starts setting out, we cannot be held responsive if the quantities used differ to our calculations.  It is critically important that quantities are checked by your builder or installer before you confirm your order.


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