A Design-Centric Guide for choosing Outdoor tiles

A Design-Centric Guide for choosing Outdoor tiles

Choosing the Perfect Tiles for Your Outdoor Space: A Design-Centric Guide

When designing an outdoor space, the choice of tiles can make or break the aesthetic and functionality of your garden, patio, or any external area. The wonderful thing about tiles is their ability to introduce a wide range of styles into a garden or external space, offering the homeowner so many styling options and the ability to bring the interior design style out into the garden.  Whilst the visual appeal of the tiles is crucial, practical considerations such as anti-slip properties and frost resistance are equally important to ensure safety and durability. In this guide, we will delve into these critical aspects and compare the installation of 20mm porcelain tiles with 9mm thick tiles to help you make an informed decision, whilst also giving you some inspiring design ideas to boot!

Using a large format tile in a random checkerboard, will offer a relaxed contemporary twist to a traditional layout. Our Stucco collection is perfect in this style of setting.

Key Considerations for Outdoor Tiles

  1. Anti-Slip Properties

Outdoor spaces are exposed to various weather conditions, making surfaces potentially slippery when wet. Choosing tiles with good anti-slip properties is essential to prevent accidents. Look for tiles with a high slip resistance rating (measured as +36PTV). Textured surfaces or tiles with a matt finish generally offer better traction compared to smooth, glossy tiles.

  1. Frost Resistance

Tiles in external spaces must withstand temperature fluctuations and harsh weather conditions. Frost-resistant tiles are designed to endure freezing temperatures without cracking or becoming damaged. Porcelain tiles are an excellent choice for outdoor areas due to their low water absorption rate (less than 0.5%), making them highly frost-resistant. Ensure the tiles you choose are explicitly labelled as frost-proof to avoid any unexpected issues during colder months.

9mm Porcelain Tiles vs. 20mm Tiles in Garden Design


Nostalgia anti-slip created a contemporary backdrop in this courtyard garden  Baked Tiles Nostalgia Anti-Slip Collection

9-10mm Tiles


Aesthetic Versatility.  With a wide range of designs and finishes, 9mm tiles offer extensive aesthetic flexibility, allowing you to achieve a really broad number of design options for your garden space.

Cost-Effectiveness: Generally, thinner tiles (9mm) are more affordable than their thicker counterparts, making them a budget-friendly option for large areas.

Lightweight: Their reduced weight compared to 20mm tiles makes handling and installation easier, especially in DIY projects.


Adhesive Installation: 9mm tiles need to be installed using adhesive and grout, just as they would in an internal project.

Substrate Preparation: The tiles will need to be installed onto a solid concrete base. Proper preparation of the substrate is crucial. A solid, even base is necessary to prevent movement and potential damage over time.


Here our client has combined a checkerboard design in a 9mm product from the1860 collection, 1860 CHECKERBOARD – Baked Tiles with 20mm Manor house Limestone, which flows seamlessly from the open plan kitchen within the house where the standard thickness Manor House Limestone is used. Manor House Antique Limestone – Baked Tiles

20mm Porcelain Tiles


Installation Flexibility: These tiles can be installed on various substrates, including grass, gravel, and sand, without the need for adhesive or grout. This makes them versatile for creating seamless transitions between different areas of your garden.

Raised Flooring Systems: They can be used with pedestal systems to create raised floors, allowing for easy drainage and integration of utility lines underneath the tiled surface.


Dry Installation: One of the significant benefits is the ability to install these tiles without adhesive, known as dry installation. This method involves laying the tiles directly onto a suitable base (such as gravel or sand), making it a quicker and more flexible option.

Pedestal Installation:  For elevated surfaces, a pedestal system can be used, providing stability and allowing for adjustments to ensure a level surface.

Design inspiration.


This design driven client created an organic, Moroccan vibe to her courtyard garden with the use of Marrakesh Brick Light  Terracotta Brick Tiles | Small Terracotta Tiles 5cmx15cm – Baked Tiles and Marrakesh Brick Mint Mint Green Gloss Metro Tiles | Mint Green Gloss Tile | Baked Tiles.

Why not use the power of tiles to transform a blank wall within your garden?  Here our Tropical Stone Mural had been used as a vibrant splashback to an outdoor kitchen area. Baked Tiles Tropical Stone

Nostalgia Anti-Slip Provence 33 x 33cm


Create real curb appeal with a tiled path up to your home…the perfect way to give visitors a introductory feel for your homes interior style. Nostalgia Anti-Slip Provence 33 x 33cm – Baked Tiles

Get a summer vibe all year around with our frost proof Grain Leaves Mural  Beautiful Grain Leaf Mural | Leaf Wall Mural | Baked Tiles. Pair perfectly here with Marrakesh Décor Square Green and plain Baked Tiles Marrakesh Collection.


The 1860 Collection is simply perfect for introducing a traditional ordered formality to a patio. 1860 COLLECTION – Baked Tiles

Above the Canterbury design 1860 Canterbury Decor 15cm x 15cm – Baked Tiles creates the perfect backdrop to traditional rattan furniture.


1860 Queens Square is perfect for a formal setting. 1860 Queen's Square 15cm x 15cm – Baked Tiles

Relaxed styling with an organic feel is easy to achieve using the Marrakesh Brick Light and Dark. Terracotta Brick Tiles | Small Terracotta Tiles 5cmx15cm – Baked Tiles  Marrakesh Terracotta Brick Tiles | Small Terracotta Tiles – Baked Tiles


Choosing the right tiles for your outdoor space involves balancing design preferences with practical requirements. 20mm porcelain tiles offer flexible installation options, on the other hand, 9mm tiles provide a wide range of aesthetic choices and cost-effectiveness, suitable for areas where easy handling is preferred.

Consider the specific needs of your outdoor area, including slip resistance and frost-proofing, to ensure a safe and long-lasting tile installation. With the right tiles, your outdoor space can be both beautiful and functional, providing a perfect setting for relaxation and entertainment.

Final Tips:

Consult with Professionals:  When in doubt, give the team at Baked Tiles a call to ensure you select the best tiles for your specific needs.

Sample Testing:  Always look at samples in your actual outdoor setting to see how they blend with your overall design.

Most of Baked tiles ranges are selected for their ease of maintenance, but if you have any questions about the cleaning requirements of your chosen tiles just give us a call, so you can keep them looking their best for years to come.

By thoughtfully selecting and installing the right tiles, you can transform your outdoor space into a stylish, safe, and inviting retreat.