Baked Tiles Shoreditch Collection - Patchwork Tiles

Baked Tiles Shoreditch Collection - Patchwork Tiles

Playful and adventurous this patchwork tile is unlike its smaller counterparts so not for the faint hearted! Bold use of pattern and colour make this a treat for all and a tile that’s as much a statement as it is a feature.

This collection features tiles that include some of the following characteristics. For more detailed information please contact us.


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A Guide to Using Patterned Wall & Floor Tiles

With such an exciting array of tiles, it is sometimes difficult for our clients to decide which is the right one for their particular project. So we, the team at Baked Tiles, have created a guide to help you when to use patterned tiles. Patterned tiles are very similar to wallpaper, choosing the right colour, pattern and scale is really important when making your selection.  Certain patterns will work in certain room styles and a patterned tile will have as much of an impact on setting the tone of the look of a room as wallpaper does. So where do you start? You need to decide what style of room you are trying to create....

See below examples of how you can use this tile range throughout your home to create the perfect look you’ve been dreaming of. Our tile ranges are extremely versatile & are not just limited to one room. If you’d like any ideas or information on how to design your home using any of our tile ranges, we offer FREE designer advice. Please phone us on 02920 358 409 or email

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