Victorian Patterned Floor Tiles, The Baked Tile Company way!

Victorian Patterned Floor Tiles, The Baked Tile Company way!

If you live in the UK at some point you will have either seen, or you will at least be aware of Victorian floor tiles and their gorgeous patterns. We have the industrial revolution to thank for them as in the Victorian era wall and floor tile production hit a peak becoming mass produced for many public buildings, and eventually for public consumption. The hand laid tiles, in often intricate patterns were done by mainly cheap labour as Victorian potters had a large, inexpensive workforce.

Homes lucky enough to have intact original Victorian floor tiles in hallways and kitchens today are revered. This is because in the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's home owners were excited by modernising and the gorgeous patterns were either ripped out or covered by lino, laminate, carpet or in worst case scenario tiled over! Cleaning and repairing an original Victorian floor is a job for a professional, this is not something you will likely be able to do as a DIY project, certainly not to a high standard anyway so often the project is costly. Being a tile company we are well versed in helping clients restore a bit of Victorian flavour to their home, but without the cost... here's how you can have a simply stunning Victorian style floor, but without the price tag!

Our London tiles evoke the feel of Victorian or Edwardian styling but are a fraction of the cost, and can be laid by all tilers so they do not require an experienced and pricey Victorian floor tiler.

The range is perfect for hallways, kitchens and bathrooms and coupled with their plain borders looks a million dollars.

Our latest addition to The Baked Tile Co family is our Paxton House range - available in two colours and pre scored to look like individual pieces of geometric tiling this is most similar to the original Victorian floors of times gone by, but coming in at just £34.00 per M2 ex VAT we say out with the old and in with the new!
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