Updating your Hallway with Style

Updating your Hallway with Style

The hallway is often an area of the home that gets overlooked, despite the important role it plays in creating a positive first impression. We can’t help but form an opinion within just a few short seconds upon entering a household for the initial time, so it is important that your hallway says exactly what you want it to. Some will scream out unorganised chaos, yet others will provide visitors with a feeling of calm and tranquillity, either way, it is important to make the most of this space and treat it with the same care and attention to detail as the rest of your home. Many of us are guilty of treating the hallway merely as a place to dump our shoes and coats as we enter the door, but space allowing and if styled correctly, it can actually become an additional, fully functional room of the home. It is often easy to neglect the décor of the hallway if it is of a compact size, yet no matter how big or small the space is that you have to work with, there are still plenty of ways to make a bold entrance!

Tile: London Funk, Wave

Let’s start with the décor as you will need to get this right if you’re hallway is going to be one to remember. Where only a minimal amount of space is available, apply a neutral backdrop that will leave the hallway feeling light and fresh. The last thing you want to do is create a dark and dingy entrance that will encourage people to think that your home is small and cramped.

Tile: Creative Geometrics, Cream + Taupe

Try to choose colours from the neutral colour palette, avoiding the use of stark white if you can. Whilst it can look great as part of a modern interior, the hallway is not the most practical part of the home for it to be used. With so much passing traffic, and muddy boats and coats lying around, it is likely to show dirt marks after only a short period of time. My advice would be to stick to off-white, or use a neutral shade that has a hint of colour to it such as duck-egg blue or taupe. If you are applying a neutral decor, you will need to think carefully about the accessories in place, as these will make more of an impact against a light scheme.

Tile: Chevron Floor, Grey

It is still possible to incorporate a feature wall in your hallway if it is in need of a point of interest and this is a simple way to make a big impression. If you are working with a compact space, why not apply a decorative wallpaper pattern, or bolder shade of paint on the wall running along the staircase. This way, it will still grab the attention of your visitors, but will not be too overpowering as they walk through the front door. If your hallway is of a more generous size then you can afford to be a little more daring in your choices and choose a larger and bolder print, or darker shade of paint. If you are looking to introduce a deeper tone, try not to use this on longer walls, as it can make the hallway feel narrower than it actually is. A tip for those of you catering for a small area would be to use a horizontal stripe wallpaper design at the end of the corridor, to make the space look wider.

Tile: Polished Plaster, Sand

With your décor in place, it is time to think about your flooring. First things first, think about the appearance of your stairs and consider them to be far more than a functional necessity in your home, but a way to make a design statement. If you have opted for a neutral décor, introduce colour through a bright runner, or if you have adopted a contemporary scheme, painting your stairs in a bold shade will bring a vibrant, quirky edge to your hallway. For a more rustic, country cottage theme, a white-wash look will work well.

Tile: Creative Woods, Smoke

Remember that your hallway is going to have plenty of passers by, so opt for durable flooring that will withstand a heavy and constant amount of traffic. If you have children and pets to contend with, then carpet may not be the most practical solution and you may prefer to opt for hard flooring such as laminate, wood or tiles that will be easy to clean. Try to choose a flooring design that reflects not only the interior scheme in place but also the property itself. If it is a farmhouse you are catering for, then tiles with a slate appearance will work to set the scene, or if it is a modern home you live in, use large format, porcelain tiles that will open up the space. For a Victorian style of home, reclaimed tiles look wonderful and really help to bring the space to life whilst instilling a sense of character and charm. If your budget or timescale will not cater for reclaimed tiles, there are plenty of replica designs on the market that will still look just as beautiful!

Tile: Hexagon Studio, White Grey + Black

When it comes to furnishing your hallway, think of clever storage solutions, in order to keep the space clutter-free. Not only will this make your home more welcoming and inviting to guests, but after a long hard day at work the last thing you want to come home to is an endless amount of shoes to trip over. A shoe rack is a great investment in any household, or an alternative idea would be to purchase a storage trunk, which could double up as seating by dressing it with a throw and scatter cushions. Try also to make the most of the wall space available, if floor space is at a premium. Incorporate floating shelves and coat hooks, which again will allow the space to feel more collected. If you are looking to make a grand entrance the addition of a vintage console table accompanied by fresh flowers will work a treat.

Tile: Chevron Floor, Black + White

 Remember to accessorise your hallway just as you would with any other room of the home. Include plenty of family photo’s to personalise the space and use mirrors as a decorative tool that will also make your hallway feel more open. Think of finishing touches which will really help to complete the décor such as a coat or umbrella stand that is in keeping with the décor.

First impressions count, so make yours one to remember!