Top Tile Trends of 2023

Top Tile Trends of 2023

Tile Trends of 2023

The Interior Design world is a bustling, regularly changing landscape of newly emerging dynamics. Understanding these dynamics, features and trends is a key step to creating an exciting design within your home. We've curated this essential blog to highlight the Tile Trends that are set to take 2023 by storm, helping to guide, educate and inspire you when designing your dream home.

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 We saw this organic style tile emerge a little while ago and demand continues to grow - the trend ‘Terracotta Bathroom’ has risen 98% in the last 12 months on Pinterest, and nearly 50% for 'Terracotta Kitchens'!

Suitable for a number of interior styles, terracotta has a rustic natural appeal, but traditional style terracotta also comes with a lot of maintenance. Baked Tiles have sourced a wonderful collection of terracotta effect porcelain that boasts all the aesthetic beauty of natural terracotta, but with none of the laborious sealing or treatment.

Furthermore, natural terracotta isn’t suitable for use in UK gardens, but all Baked Tiles terracotta ranges are also frost proof, so perfect for creating beautiful garden schemes.

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 As pattern is becoming more coveted within general interiors, mural designs are now taking centre stage in beautiful bathrooms and kitchens.

Thanks to advances in tile production, you can now use large scale flowing pattern in wet areas, and some are even suitable for external use due to their frost proof qualities.

This increase in production has led to a noticeable increase in demand - the 'mural wall tile' trend has flown up a staggering 135% over the last 12 months on Pinterest!

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Next year, interior schemes will be all about the detail. A fresh idea for those home designers under a certain age and a memory provoking flashback for those of us who remember the trend in the 90’s.

The same applies to tile design, we are seeing a glorious selection of tiles with coordinating or matching borders, corners and mouldings, all designed to add additional detailing.

Unmistakably nostalgic, this is a great way to add traditional or period style into a home.  Following swiftly behind the popularity of timber paneled walls, we are about to see a return of wallpaper borders, elements that can be used to layer pattern within a design scheme.

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For far too long we were limited to 40x40cm, 30x60cm and 60x60cm sized tiles - but now design trends have moved on and embraced more traditional small format tiles.

15x15cm floor tiles are all the rage, they can be used to great effect on their won, or when combined with other small formats like 5x15cm brick shaped designs. 

Many designers are delighted to be introducing more intricate tiling schemes with the use of smaller sized, porcelain, terracotta effect and glazed product.

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Have you noticed the return of small-scale prints, striped and checks within traditional homes?

Pretty, detailed interior schemes require a dainty approach to tile specification and combining coloured tiles to create pretty stripes in one perfect option.

Don't just take our word for it - Living Etc. magazine confirmed that 'adding stripes and depth leads to further texture' elevates your dynamic home design...

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If you love light filled, bright interior schemes, maybe this is the one for you.

As an antidote to maximalist style, more designers are moving towards softer lighter schemes, but the secret to this trend is to use ivories and very pale peachy tones - stay well away from bright white! Think soft warm matt whites, bleached pale terracotta tones, or pale ivories. Layer texture, and contrast gloss and matt finishes to creating interesting bathroom or cloakroom schemes.

The demand of home-renovators seeking a minimalistic aesthetic has rocketed in recent times, with Pinterest highlighting a whopping 180% rise in searches for 'minimal living room' and ‘minimalist home’ together. Proof that less really is more…

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Heck, why not go for it? Who wants white or grey grouts, when there is the huge collection of 50 colours available to the home designer from Baked Tiles?!

Use contrasting grouts to add colour, highlighting tiling layouts or interesting shaped tiles. Use the gap between your tiles to bring in extra detail and punchy colour to a room. Take the opportunity use it as a design detail, rather than just an understated and inevitable space between your tiles.

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