Perfectly Imperfect - The best tiles to enhance the Modern Organic design trend...

Perfectly Imperfect - The best tiles to enhance the Modern Organic design trend...

Natural Interior Design: Perfectly Imperfect

Embrace the Charm of Organic Materials with Zellige and Bejmat Style Tiles

In the world of interior design, the trend toward natural and organic elements has never been stronger. Homeowners and designers alike are opting for materials that showcase the beauty of imperfection and the raw essence of nature, striving to incorporate features of natural interior design. Rustic timber, soft plaster effect walls, textural fabrics like linen or boucle all combine to create this inspiring, relaxed aesthetic. Zellige and Bejmat style tiles offer a perfectly natural look, allowing spaces to elude understated natural character.

Let's explore the allure of these organic inspired materials and how you can integrate them into your home to achieve a "perfectly imperfect" design.

The Beauty of Imperfection

Perfection lies in imperfection - this age-old adage holds true in the world of interior design, where flawless finishes are giving way to the allure of natural irregularities. When it comes to tiles Zellige and Bejmat tiles are a prime example of this trend, celebrated for their imperfect charm.

white zellige  tiles n bathroom setting

 Zellige Tiles: An Ancient Moroccan Craft

Zellige tiles hail from Morocco, where they have been crafted for centuries using traditional techniques. These tiles are handmade, glazed terracotta pieces, each unique in its imperfections. The uneven edges and variations in colour and texture create a stunning mosaic effect, adding depth and character to any space.

 Bejmat Tiles: Organic Elegance from Morocco

Bejmat tiles are another Moroccan treasure, handcrafted from unglazed clay. These rectangular tiles are often imperfectly shaped and vary slightly in size, capturing the essence of rustic elegance. When laid, Bejmat tiles create a beautifully irregular pattern that evokes a sense of timelessness and organic allure.


 A gorgeously organic Modern Kitchen, mirrored with a Mood Board containing relevant Baked Tiles - Marrakesh Brick Light and Brick Whtie, Marrakesh Square White and Square Dark, and Marrakesh Square Dark & White.

Integrating Zellige and Bejmat Tiles into Your Home

Embrace the perfectly imperfect by incorporating Baked tiles Journeyman or Rustico Zellige collections, or Baked's fabulous Marrakesh, our Bejmat inspired tiles into your home design. Here are some ideas to help you infuse these organic materials into your living spaces:

Bathroom Accent Wall

Transform your bathroom into a spa-like retreat by adorning an accent wall with Baked tiles Marrakesh Bricks in all their jewel or natural terracotta tones, or simply clad the whole room in the beautifully simple Journeyman Zellige collection. The imperfect finish will infuse a sense of relaxation and authenticity, enhancing your daily moments of serenity.

 Design your own breathtaking Naturally Inspire Bathroom space with a touch of divine inspiration from Baked - on the left, the moodboard highlights Marrakesh Square Light, Brick Light, and Square Dark & White alongside Shoreline White.

Outdoor Patio

Extend the charm of these organic tiles to your outdoor space by using Baked tiles frost-proof, Marrakesh Bejmat-inspired range for a patio floor. The natural, weathered look will blend seamlessly with nature, providing an earthy, relaxed ambience for outdoor gatherings.

Garden image is courtesy of This Northcote Home

A gorgeous garden design, capitalising on the outlined Baked Tiles' - Marrakesh Brick Mint, and Marrakesh Brick Light.

Kitchen Backsplash

Enhance your kitchen's character by using Baked Tiles Marrakesh Brick tiles for a unique backsplash, capitalising on the Natural Interior Design trend. The irregularities in shape and colour will create a captivating mosaic that adds a touch of Moroccan allure to your culinary haven.

Kitchen image courtesy of @lucy_hillside_house

Incoprorate Natural Design into your own kitchen, with Marrakesh Brick White tiles - seen here in a Herringbone design.

 Embrace Imperfection, Embrace Beauty

In a world that often glorifies flawless finishes, the imperfect beauty of Zellige and Bejmat style tiles stands out as a refreshing trend. Incorporate these organic materials into your home design and celebrate the charm of imperfection. Let your living spaces tell a story of craftsmanship, organic style, and the timeless allure of natural irregularities. After all, true beauty is found in embracing the perfectly imperfect.

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