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Top Tile Trends 2020

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Top Tile Trends 2020

Up until now tiles have mainly been chosen for functionality - anti-slip, durability, water resistance, easy-clean. Growing trends, however, show that whilst these attributes are still of fundamental importance there are also a number of qualities such as inspiring designs and aesthetic appeal that are also high on the criteria for achieving impact within our homes. Nowadays, tiles are so much more than a functional tool and should be used creatively throughout the home. Whether you live in a contemporary apartment or a rustic country house, tiles can work to enhance the decor of any room and offer an ideal balance between beautiful aesthetics and essential practicality. Tiles add energy, colour, depth and texture to a space and can be used as much or as little as you desire.

Tiles : Echo Heritage, Colour 5 & Creative Geometrics, Dark Grey Floor Relief

With the growing awareness of the importance of our own personal well-being and the realisation of its deep-rooted link with nature, we can also use tiles to bring the outdoors into our homes. It is widely thought, and studies show, that we can feel personally empowered by the sheer presence of nature. Tiles can be instrumental in awakening our innermost feelings of happiness and tranquillity.

Tiles : Tuscany Floor Cotto, Wall White & Tropical & Tuscany Lattice

Tiles manufactured from stone are ideal for creating a calm and peaceful environment and bring an organic touch to an interior. If you are working with a compact space, tiles in a neutral shade and of a natural texture can work to create a spacious, light and calm ambience. 

Tiles: Stone Concept, Wind & Nature Stone, Winter

Stone works so well when it comes to adding character and texture to a room either by creating a feature wall or accenting a fireplace, however, if it is floor tiles you are in search of, you may wish to reconsider. A porcelain alternative will provide you with far more strength and durability as well as being easier to maintain. Better still, porcelain tiles will not need sealing and they can look just as good as natural stone as digital technology is applied to achieve a replication that has a similar appearance and texture.

Tiles: Stone Concept, Rock &  Limestone, Pebble Grey

The wonder of tiles that have a natural appearance is that they work well in both a contemporary and traditional setting suiting either a modern, open plan living area or a classic kitchen. This makes them a suitable flooring option for use throughout the home. Many homeowners are now taking a ‘bigger is better’ approach when it comes to flooring tiles and those measuring 90cm² to 1.2m² have become extremely popular. It is often thought that small tiles should be used in a compact space, but, surprisingly, even where a small floor area is available, large tiles will still enable a room to have an enhanced perception of space.

Tiles: Polished Plaster, Smoke & Metal Concept Natural Zinc

Just as we have seen a vintage revival on the fashion catwalk over the past few years, we are now looking to incorporate nostalgic gems both in our wardrobes and throughout our homes. So, if a sleek, minimalist décor isn’t for you, vintage tiles can help to instil plenty of character throughout the home.

Not only is this now seen in living areas with antique accessories and mismatched furniture, but kitchens and bathrooms are also making a return to a more classic approach. Bathrooms are now including traditional sanitaryware and kitchens are adopting a ‘kitsch’ approach so there is now a demand for vintage, pottery tile designs to match. Use vintage tiles as much or as little as you like either to create a unique splashback or a feature wall.

Tiles: Reminiscent Multi and Sea Green & Vintage

Don’t be afraid to use tiles to make a bold statement. Tiles are the ideal addition to any space in need of some designer magic, especially key rooms, such as the kitchen and bathroom, which often lack in colour and personality. This is why I love geometric tiles, they can make a big impression! The variety of unusual shaped tiles is increasing continuously and can give an utterly unique style to any interior.

Tiles: Creative Geometrics Green and White & Chevron Floor White and Black

Wood effect tiles are also taking that wonderful natural wood element into the more durable realm of 100% water resistance. Wood plank tiles are now available in a huge variety of shades and styles. We are even seeing wood effects combined with geometric shapes creating so many different looks and combinations.

Tiles: Hexagon Wood, Retro   Creative Woods Offset Parquet &  Creative Woods Mood

There really is a never-ending list of possibilities when it comes to experimenting with tiles throughout the home. No longer do they need to be considered merely as a practical tool, but as a stylish accessory, too! 

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