Tile of the Month - Mellow Wood

Tile of the Month - Mellow Wood

Mellow Wood down from £54 m2 to £29 m2

Mellow Wood

Mellow Wood

For many years the team at Baked simply wouldn’t promote wood effect tiles as they simply looked like tiles pretending to be wood! Now, however, with the introduction of high-resolution digital technology, its often hard to tell if a floor, or wall, is clad in porcelain or natural timber.

So, if these tiles just look like wood,” Why not use wood?”  I hear you ask.

Well there are a number of reasons why designers are embracing this style of product and using it in their design toolbox.

Tile: Courchevel, Arctic White

Porcelain is very hardwearing, scratch resistant and copes with moisture really well.  Porcelain is non-porous, so it doesn’t absorb moisture or stains, meaning it’s great even in showers and the anti-slip ranges are perfect for wet-room floors and pool surrounds too.

Tile: Salvage

Tile: Courchevel, Arctic White

Also, natural timber doesn’t cope well with high heeled shoes and high traffic areas often need yearly maintenance, something porcelain tiles just cope with, with ease. You can also use bleach on porcelain floors, steam clean them and if your dishwasher ever overflows, you needn’t worry, your tiles will stay put.

Creative Woods Parquet

Tile: Creative Woods, Offset Parquet Bleached Oak


Here are some designer tips you should consider when using a wood effect flooring or wall-cladding:

#1 Layout.
Firstly, wood effect planks should not be installed in a brick bond or regular layout, (a habit some tilers seem reluctant to drop). Instead they should be laid in the way natural wood floors are laid, with a random offset.

Courchevel Silver Grey

Tile: Courchevel, Silver Grey

 If a room is wide and narrow, have the planks running away from you as you enter the room, this will make the room look a little longer.

Mellow Wood

Tile: Mellow Wood

If, however it appears long and narrow as you enter, then have the planks running widthways to give the impression of more width.


Silk Wood Platinum

Tile: Silk Wood, Platinum

#2 Grout
A nice tight joint should also be adopted if possible and choose a grout slightly darker than the tile, to give the illusion of a shadow falling between the planks, rather than a tile joint.

Courchevel Mosaic Blue

Tile: Courchevel, Mosaic Silver Blue

#3 Shape
There is a great range of different wood effect tiles. From Hexagons:

Hexagon Wood, Retro Silver

Tile: Hexagon Wood, Retro Decor Silver

Small Brick shaped wooden tiles, ideal for using in a herringbone, when emulating a traditional parquet.  The most authentic way to do this is with the addition of a single tile running as a border around the perimeter of the room.


Habitat, Chevron Natural

Tile: Habitat, Chevron Natural

Chevron shaped wooden tiles are one of our favourites, ideal for using in one area of your home and then using a larger plank in an adjacent space. This adds interests and zones spaces, without it breaking the flow from room to room.

Habitat Chevron Maple

Tiles: Habitat Chevron Maple + Habitat In Maple

Also don’t limit your wood effect tiles to floors only. They look amazing on walls, behind beds and as feature walls in hallways.

 Habitat, Chevron Brown

Tile: Habitat, Chevron Brown

Courchevel Mosaic Grey

Tile: Courchevel, Mosaic Silver Grey

Courchevel Mosaic

Tile: Courchevel, Mosaic 

So, from now until the end of April please make the most of this wonderful offer.

Mellow Wood is selling at the discounted price of £29 per m2, while stocks last.