Tile of the Month - Journeyman Zellige

Tile of the Month - Journeyman Zellige

Journeyman Zellige down 25% from £59 m2 to £44 m2

Journeyman Zellige Green

JourneymanZellige Green

Tile: Journeyman Zellige, Green

At BAKED, we are excited to include the Journeyman Zellige range as our Tile of the Month this January, to kick off our New Year promotions. The new range includes six different highly glazed tiles with a variety of Moroccan style colour variations, each unique and distinctive in its own right.
JZ Pebble
Tile: Journeyman Zellige, Lichen
Zellige is a style of tile that was originally produced by the Moors of Northern Africa. Handcrafted in clay this Moroccan style tile was individually fired and glazed. The process has been refined over the years and these unique tiles are naturally uneven, highly glazed and will reflect various tones under the different light conditions in your home, as they were originally made to do.

Journeyman Zellige Lichen 

Tile: Journeyman Zellige, Lichen

This colourful, Moroccan style, that we are so familiar with today, features intricate texture which gives each tile a completely distinctive characteristic,  including imperfections in their appearance, which has heralded their unique appeal.

Journeyman Zellige Clay Red

Tile: Journeyman Zellige, Clay Red

Zellige tile style has now become an extremely popular interior design trend which has only changed in order to improve on its quality, in recent years.

Journeyman Zellige Blue

Tile: Journeyman Zellige, Petrol

Journeyman has been made to capture all the wonderful imperfections associated with handmade Zellige, so it would be fair to say that this tile isn’t for the faint hearted. 

Journeyman Zellige Blue

Tile: Journeyman Zellige, Blue

When installed, all sorts of wonderful, yet intentional imperfections will be visible. In fact, experts recommend that zellige tiles be installed as close together as possible. Installed on a wall, the tiles should appear more flowing or undulating than flat; corners and edges jut out rather than lay flush.

This Zellige style means that each and every tile has a unique, irregular finish, which adds attractiveness and an individual style to any interior design.

Journeyman Zellige Lichen

Tile: Journeyman Zellige, Pebble

So from now until the end of January please make the most of this wonderful offer.

Journeyman Zellige selling for a 25% discount at £44 per m2