Tile of the Month - Nostalgia Anti-Slip Triangle

Tile of the Month - Nostalgia Anti-Slip Triangle

Down from £41.00 per m2 to £32.80 per m2 for the month of May.

Nostalgia Anti-Slip, Triangle

Nostalgia Anti-Slip, Triangle

Nostalgia Anti-Slip, Triangle

Are you wondering how the checkerboard effect originated?

It was Herbert Minton who, during the Industrial Revolution and having grown up in a family of potters, combined his knowledge of ceramics with the new machinery of the time to produce decorative floor tiles for the rich. The floor tiles that he produced eventually landed up decorating beautiful buildings like the Houses of Parliament and he became the biggest producers of tiles that the world had ever known.

Unfortunately, Minton’s colourful decorative tiles were expensive to produce and only available to the very wealthy. However, another clever Victorian realised that single colour tiles, layered together, in a repeat pattern, were far cheaper to produce and thus was born the famous geometric floor tile pattern that the Victorians used so well. The most popular of which and still right up there with contemporary style and grandeur today - that mix of black and white tiles, was what we now know and recognised as the classic checkerboard effect of the Victorian era.

Victorian Quarry tile

Tile: Image from Pinterest

The Nostalgia Anti-Slip range of tiles that we stock at Baked Tiles is great for entrance porches, hallways, kitchen floors as well as splash-backs, bathrooms and wet-rooms. It can successfully withstand high temperatures, so can be used to surround a wood-burning stove or fireplace and on top of all that, due to its anti-slip properties and ice-resistant qualities, it is also perfect for patios and external pathways. This is because it is made of porcelain and has an anti-slip rating. This means that in the event of a bad frost its surface won't crack and the rain, or a damp wet-room floor, won’t cause the tile to become slippery where there might be a layer of excess water which would normally lower the amount of friction between your foot and the tiled surface. So, all in all, this porcelain tile is a fantastic all-rounder with both cosmopolitan and vintage elements which can help you to create a contemporary space where aged details stand out.

This versatile tile can be used in so many ways. Here are some pictures of some other tiles in the Nostalgia range which should give you an idea of how this tile can be used throughout your home:

#1 Entrance Porch and Hallways

Nostalgia Anti-Slip Black & White

Tile: Nostalgia. Anti-Slip - Black & White 

#2 Kitchen floors and Splash-Backs

Nostalgia Anti-Slip - Diagonal

Tile: Nostalgia Anti-Slip - Diagonal

Nostalgia Anti-Slip - Provence

Tile: Nostalgia Anti-Slip - Provence

Nostalgia Anti-Slip - Provence

Tile: Nostalgia Anti-Slip - Patchwork

#3 Bathrooms & Wetrooms

London Funk Compass

Tile: London Funk - Compass

#4 Fire-surrounds & Hearths

Pinterest Fire-Surround

Tile: Image from Pinterest

Echo - Principe Colour

Tile: Echo - Principe Colour

#5 Patios & External Pathways

Nostalgia Anti-Slip - Triangle

Tile: Nostalgia Anti-Slip - Triangle

So, from now until the end of May please make the most of this wonderful offer.

Nostalgia Anti-Slip, Triangle is selling at the discounted price of £32.80 per m2, while stocks last.