Tile of the Month - Terrazzo, Dove Grey

Tile of the Month - Terrazzo, Dove Grey

Terrazzo Dove Grey down 20% from £35 m2 to £28 m2

One tile style that is bang on trend and is seen in so many up-to-date settings is the terrazzo tile. It’s water-resistant and very durable and requires low maintenance having a cool look, isn’t that what you would want for your home?


Tile: Terrazzo, White

Originally the terrazzo style was derived directly from the mosaic artform, whereby left-over pieces of mosaics, in the form of marble, porcelain and glass, were thrown into a cement bed then ground and polished down to achieve a smooth surface.  This process has now evolved using modern processes and now offers a completely water-proof and hard-wearing surface that can be used in any setting in the home. This ultra-cool look can be used to compliment a  plethora of styles still bang on trend and considered one of the hottest current design trends of the 21st century.

Tile: Terrazzo Nostalgia

Design Tips for Terrazzo in your home

#1 Less is more!

The beauty of a Terrazzo style floor or wall, is the subtle organic shapes within the overall surface design. This works so perfectly as a backdrop to other items, such as feature pieces of furniture, statement baths or basins that often keeping it simple is the best approach.

Tile: Terrazzo, White

#2 Metallic magic.

Historically Terrazzo floors would have been installed with brass strips diving the various colours selected to decorate the floors. I’m sure you all remember an old building or landmark where these details can still be seen.

Using metal infills, the original terrazzo finishes can be replicated as they have looked over the years. For Example in the Hollywood Walk of Fame created in 1958. If you wish to inject a little drama to a surface, without relying on pattern, a Terrazzo floor featuring inset brass or chrome strips could be the perfect solution. For more guidance contact our design team who can offer some suggestions.

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 #3 Feature tile for a feature wall.

We are all familiar with stone effect feature walls, but using a Terrazzo styled tile on a feature wall would add a retro designer note to any fireplace, TV wall or stairwell.

Terrazzo, Feature Wall

#4 Mix and enhance.

Terrazzo’s soft organic nature works beautifully with so many finishes. It can add a minimal Skandi vibe to a high gloss or contemporary wooden kitchen.  It can elevate dark wood or matt finishes and create a very atmospheric immersive scheme.  It can also be used to create a light and stripped back scheme with white and warm wooden accents. No wonder the design team at Baked love this style of hardworking, design focused product so much!

Tile: Terrazzo,Grey

Tile: Terrazzo, Dove Grey

So from now until the end of March please make the most of this wonderful offer. Selling for a 20% discount at £28 per m2