The Rules, About Rules... Tile Shopping Advice

The Rules, About Rules... Tile Shopping Advice

The truth is, there are no rules. We thought we would get that out of the way from the outset! Your home should reflect your personality, and as such each home should by default be different and unique

When shopping for tiles different people will tell you different things. Be careful who you listen to. Some people will tell you that in small spaces you should stay away from large tiles as they will make your space look smaller, although other advice you may receive from a different store could be the complete opposite!

Another common issue is that some people are certain dark rooms, perhaps with no natural light, should be all white in a bid to make them appear brighter. Designers however will often tell you the opposite, and encourage clients to embrace the dark by using dark tones. 

You may have also heard the 'two tile rule'. This is the one where it is advised that no more than two different tiles are used in any one space. Why not?

2 Tile Colours

As mentioned above, here at The Baked Tile Company we do not believe in rules! For example the bathroom featured throughout this blog dispels most myths about tiles. We have used 5 different types of tile to achieve this look, all of varying sizes, shapes and colours! We have also played with grout colours, using grey on the white hexagon tiles to further draw attention to this tiled surface.

Lots of tiles

So in brief, make your own rules and make your home unique with The Baked Tile Company X