How 1970s Style Is Once Again Inspiring Modern Design

In fashion, we look back to look forward - and one of the most fun design eras in history is back to inspire modern interiors.


We all know that fashion is cyclical. And whether it’s Gucci’s retro-inspired campaigns, the resurgence of wide-leg flares, or Farrah Fawcet’s signature bouncy blowout being sported by the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Obama and model Aweng Ade-Chuol, nothing has had quite such a revival of late as 1970s style.


               Gucci retro inspired campaign

Interiors are no different, with homeowners going groovy across the UK in their recent interior design choices as much as with their wardrobes. In fact, Habitat reports that searches for the endearingly retro Seventies favourite, rattan, have risen by more than a jaw-dropping 3000%, while customer searches for bamboo have also risen by more than 50%.


Here are some of the most exciting ways in which 1970s design is Stayin’ Alive in 2021…


High shine glamour

70s design is about sheer opulence and unrivalled glamour, with clothes featuring sumptuous velvet and cord fabrics, glossy high-shine makeup and beauty, and even glossier surfaces and mirrors in interior design all playing a key role in achieving the look. The beautiful glaze of Baked Tiles’ Reflections collection inspires this exact uber-glam tone, without the need to hang a giant disco ball in your home.

               Reflections White grey blue


Groovy prints

Arguably a reaction to previous minimalist, plain and neutral-toned Scandi-inspired decor, 

1970s-esque patterns suit themselves well to wallpaper, wall art and rugs. But, for authentic retro vibes, look to your tiles, too. Baked Tiles’ Groovy Collection is the perfect combination of retro-yet-understated tones which won’t overpower your interiors, with authentic 70s-inspired patterns that bring a pop of uniqueness and joy to a space. Plus, they’ll have everyone asking

where you found them.






 Retro accents

No matter your current home decor, 70s style and retro details can provide a burst of personality or nod to the era without transforming your room into a full-on Charlie’s Angels set. A simple accessory, like the classic mushroom lamp design made famous by the iconic Panthella in 1971, for example, adds retro vibes to a room while still exuding understated class. Meanwhile, a more subtle take on Seventies design can be found in Baked Tiles’ Journeyman Zellige collection, loved by interior designers for its ability to give an authentic retro flavour to a room without being cartoonish.




 Rich ochre and green hues

Think sunny yellows, burnt sienna, terracottas and avocado greens. Not only does the palette inspire pure retro vibes, but it feels fun, bright and optimistic, too - an understandable and exciting reaction to 2020, to take us into 2021 and beyond feeling better than ever. Besides, it’s literally impossible not to feel happy when surrounded by 1970s yellow.




 Want to bring 1970s style into your own home? Browse Baked Tiles’ retro designer Groovy Collection, made from robust glazed porcelain, now.


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