As we enter the Christmas season, you may be having a slight re-think of the interior schemes throughout your home. Now is the perfect time to start making some changes to prepare your home for the colder weather and darker evenings. Incorporating a feature wall can help to bring a feeling of warmth into a room. It can be as simple or dramatic as you like and the design you choose should be a reflection of both your interior tastes and personality. Whether you are working to a tight budget, or the sky is the limit, a feature wall can easily and very quickly, transform the overall appearance of any room.    

Hot on the list of this seasons interior design ‘must haves’, a feature wall can brighten and bring life to an otherwise neutral colour scheme. It can add interest to a minimalist design, draw attention to a particular feature or sprinkle a serving of individuality over the room.

With so many different, yet equally as effective options available to us, there is no reason why you can’t produce a statement wall that reflects your individual style and meets your every need. The options really are endless, which is why you should take this opportunity to let your imagination run wild. In the mean time, let me run through the various ways in which your dream feature wall can be achieved.

Originating from the Victorian era, resurging in the 1970’s and making a massive comeback over the last couple of years, the wonders of wallpaper can play a major role in the creation of a gorgeous feature wall.  However, this can lead to over-the-top styling and it is important to remember that sometimes less is more! If you are working with a fairly compact room, you may need to limit yourself more so than if you are catering for an expansive area.

Not only is wallpapering often easier on the pocket, but confining your print to one wall will help you to create an alluring focal point that gives the room meaning and a theme that can be worked around. You will be spoilt for choice with the vast offering of amazing prints now available in a range of price points that incorporate rich colours, luxurious textures and striking patterns; all of which are the perfect ingredients for creating a wall of interest. Whilst complex patterns and a mix of colours would look overpowering if hung on all four walls, when it comes to creating a feature wall you can afford to be more daring in your choices. Whether it’s the latest monochrome trend that’s got you excited or stripes that float your boat, there’s a product out there to suit any style of home.

When you conjure an image of a feature wall, I’m sure you immediately think of wallpaper, but the market now offers a mix of unconventional materials that have been designed to offer a unique finish.  Currently, textured stone tiles are hugely popular as they lend a sophisticated, yet contemporary look to the modern home.  Ideal for living areas where neutral colours are dominant textured tiles in rich colours offer the room a generous helping of warmth and character.

Whilst mosaic tiles are most commonly associated with the bathroom, they can have an equally appealing effect when used in other areas around the home.  It’s just a matter of experimenting and not being afraid to break the rules.

For an ultra glamorous look, use glimmering mosaic tiles to cover the chimney breast.  Not only will this create a fantastic focal point, you can accessorize around your colour choice, ensuring a consistent theme re-occurs throughout. Innovative digital printing technology now allows homeowners to enlarge virtually any picture or photograph to be applied to various wall coverings such as tiles, glass or panels. A feature wall of this nature makes for a highly unique, jaw-dropping, focal point. Where a minimalist design scheme is present, this option may work well as it ensures a high level of interest, complementing its contemporary surroundings.


Feature walls are also great for replacing art work or visual aids that usually hang in certain areas of the home. Hallways for instance can benefit massively from housing a feature wall. The use of textured, stone tiles running adjacent to the stairway will generate interest and a positive energy that can be enjoyed as soon as one enters the property. This method is perfect for those who want to achieve a simple, minimalist setting that also boasts warmth and character.    


Ensure that you stick to no more than one or two feature walls throughout your entire home. This will allow your home to still have a feeling of continuity throughout, as creating a feature wall in every room will not only be overpowering, but the different designs are also likely to clash. A feature wall allows you to experiment with bolder and bigger prints that you may not have considered before, but just remember to choose carefully, and that the wallpaper or tile you use should complement the overall scheme of the room.