Contemporary Bathroom Tile Ideas

Contemporary Bathroom Tile Ideas

Contemporary simply means modern or present day! All of our Baked Tile Co tiles are selected by buyers who are up to date with current and future trends so if you are looking for something contemporary we are sure we can help!

Every tile we sell is suitable for a bathroom. Tiles by their very nature are perfect for wet areas so it’s more about style than functionality when choosing tiles for your sale de bains.

Think about what you want from your bathroom before you set out on a quest to purchase. Be certain about the finished and overall look you wish to achieve and stick to your guns. Setting a budget from the outset will also help you to stay on track, however when setting a budget make it an educated guestimate. Do your research ahead of time.

Some of our favourite bathroom tiles are>>>

Chipboard – super contemporary and on trend, chipboard grey in a bathroom is just dreamy... if you dream about urban or industrial styling that is! Every Pinterest addict will have swooned over such styling at some point we are sure!

Chipboard effect bathroom tiles

Hexagon Studio – use on floor or wall, with three colours; white, grey and black, none of which will date this really is a great option for long lasting style.

Hexagon Effect bathroom floor tiles

Essence Stone – This 80x80cm faux marble is polished perfection. If you have a glamourous looking bathroom in mind this will do the job – just be aware that polished isn’t ideal for bathroom floors if you have little ones or are elderly.

Essence stone effect bathroom tiles

Townhouse – with its various options for wooden effect plank floors, and its matching décor mosaics we can’t get enough of this contemporary pairing which will no doubt stand the test of time for decades to come. You could also wrap the wooden planks up the wall if you wanted a more spa like creation.

Contemporary wooden effect bathroom tiles

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