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A Guide To Using Tiles Outdoors

Posted by Zena Laws on

A Guide To Using Tiles Outdoors

Summer is upon us; the sun is shining and it’s that time of year when you maybe considering using tiles to enhance your outdoor space. Here is our quick guide of things to consider when using tiles outdoors.

  1. Are the tiles frost proof?
  2. Are the tiles slip resistant?

Firstly, with the great British weather you need to make sure any tile you use outdoors is frost proof.  Therefore, you will need a porcelain tile. A porcelain tile has very low absorption and is therefore frost proof.

Secondly, it’s important to remember not all outdoor spaces are the same.

For example, if you have a path leading up to your front door which has high traffic usage, then you need to make sure the tile is safe to walk over when it’s raining. You will need a tile which has high slip resistance or is anti-slip.

If, however you have a patio in your garden and only ever use it when it’s sunny and not in the wet, then you can use a porcelain frost proof tile which doesn’t have the same degree of slip resistance.

Remember - you just need to balance out where in the garden you are going to use the tile and will you be walking over it regularly when it’s wet.

The only thing left then to consider is which tile to use to express your personality in the garden!

If you like the contemporary look then our Rhyme Anti-slip range is perfect.


If you want to enhance the front of your house with a really traditional tile then how about our Nostalgia range.


 Or why not consider our new No Boundaries range.  This tile embraces new technology which is perfect in the home or garden and is suitable in both wet and dry areas.



Check out our Outdoor tile range below or just give us a call on 01792 439239 if you have any questions.


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