Top 5 tile trend tips for 2016

Top 5 tile trend tips for 2016

What a great year 2015 was, with so many exciting new trends emerging for home design last year it is equally inspiring as we head into 2016. The team at Baked Tiles are always aware of what is new in the market and the exciting ways that tiles are being used in our homes, so to help you ensure you have all the insider knowledge needed to make the right tile choices here is our top 5 tile trend tips for 2016.
Feature Floors - Tile Trends 2016
After years of minimal concrete and stone effect tile trends it is so refreshing to see a return of pattern. The great thing is that there is a pattern out there for everyone, whether it be a traditional Victorian style design like our London Range ; a funky miss-match of eclectic pattern as in our Shoreditch range; or something more subtle like the discrete patterning in the Langland collection. 
So decide where you stand…
Be bold and totally on trend.
Take a traditional approach and choose a product that reflects the age of your property.
Or take the ‘less is more approach’ and embrace pattern in a discrete way, which shows you know your design trends but don’t need to shout about it!


Living Bathroom - Tile Trends 2016
Leading bathroom designers are all predicting that 2016 will be the year when the bathroom gets as much attention as the living room. It will receive as much design consideration as primary rooms in the home and also become a multifunctional space that not only has a practical bathing and cleansing function, but is a room in which to relax and pamper. Let’s be fair who wouldn’t want to take time out to do a little reading, cocooned in a fluffy bathrobe and slippers in a room where the air is full of wonderful bubble bath aromas.

Living Bathroom - Tile Trends 2016
Designs are including finishes more recently found in other rooms of the home, such as floor tiles with border details, creating area rug effects and comfortable chairs and statement lighting ( be careful here as it needs to be suitable for the bathroom to legally comply).  Lets embrace this trend and transform our bathrooms from cold utility spaces into beautiful rooms to live in!


Retro Revival - Tile Trends 2016
The wonderful trend for retro style interiors is set to continue into 2016. Our Hexagon Studio and Hexagon Wood ranges are perfect for incorporating all elements of this style into your home. They can be used on walls and floors and Hexagon Wood in particular can be used to create an impressive feature wall in a stylish retro inspired interior.


Get Creative - Tile Trends 2016
In 2016 tiles are going to be the perfect way to bring some personality into your home. International design houses have created  some fantastic collections of tiles based on interesting geometric and curved shapes.

Get Creative - Tile Trends 2016
Many of these can be used in some very interesting ways. In a few weeks Baked will launch our Create Geometrics and Perspectives ranges, giving commercial and home designers a wonderful palette of colours and designs with which to get creative. 



New Grey - Tile Trends 2016
2015 was the year of grey! This classy colour has been used to adorn everything from the one off minimal architect designed property, to high ceilinged Georgian and Victorian town houses, plus everything in between. The colour is so neutral and available in such a wide range of shades, its appeal is vast. This year will see a continuation of our love of grey but it will benefit from a splash of colour as we move into spring. Many will still love a neutral palette of grey, taupe and cream, but others looking for a change, the addition of Aztec prints or vibrant coloured accents will bring new life to this beloved interior design favourite.