Are Geometric Tiles for you? A guide to Geometric Wall & Floor Tiles in Your Interior

Are Geometric Tiles for you? A guide to Geometric Wall & Floor Tiles in Your Interior

Geometric Tiles Used in Hallway

It's no secret that Geometric interiors are on-trend at the moment, they have been for quite some time and will continue to be. Interior trends bleed from one area of the home to another, and trends often seamlessly cross over with one another. For example industrial interiors work perfectly with geometric tiles. Here at The Baked Tile Co we seek out the very best in tile ranges for our trend driven clients, making the jump to geometric an easy one for you. 

If you are looking for a bold statement floor or wall, consider monochrome geometric tiles. A monochrome colour palette will really accentuate shapes and therefore the geometric pattern of the tile. We recommend our London Soho tiles or our London Funk ranges. 

Hexagon and rhombus shaped tiles

For those of you seeking a subtle introduction of geometric style, consider shaped tiles rather than patterned tiles. Hexagon and rhombus shapes will do the trick perfectly - our Hexagon Studio, Perspectives Hexagon and Creative Geometrics ranges can give you this look. If you are brave, consider contrasting grout colours to make the shape of the tiles obvious. 

Trendy Geometric Black & White Floor Tiles

For a range which does amalgamate two trends, our Hexagon Wood tiles excellently marry geometric patterns with the very present trend for wooden effect tiles. We have found this range to be particularly successful in restaurants, bars and high traffic areas such as kitchens and hallways because of its durability. 

Wooden Durable Geometric Floor Tiles