Tuscany Tropical Décor 20cm x 20cm

Our wonderful random tropical decor tile brings some vibrant colour and pattern into a home. It's so colourful and refreshing it's been a real hit with designers and home decorators alike. Looking for a palm tree decor or a tropical inspired tile for your project?......well here it is!

This wall tile is fabulous, however to achieve the reflective textured surface that is so important to its appearance, it is made from a certain type of biscuit. This is rather delicate and doesn't like to travel and can sometimes chip or break in transit. Both the team at Baked and our customers really love the range, so would want to continue supplying it for you and we will replace any breakages if informed within 3 days of delivery, but please be aware of this when you order. This does not effect the durability of the tile 

Note: There are approximately 20 different pattern tiles within this range and they are packaged randomly at the manufacturers.  We have no control over which pattern tiles you will receive, and are unable to guarantee that you will receive a particular pattern tile, we also cannot supply a particular pattern tile on request. Some customers have created a mural effect, but it is not always possible to achieve this. 

Technical Information
Tile Use: Walls
Tile Property: Ceramic
Tile Size: 20 cm x 20 cm
Tile Thickness: 9mm
Weight Per Tile: 0.55kg
Weight Per Box: 13.75 kg
Number of Tiles Per Box: 25
Number of Tiles Per m²: 25


DESIGNERS TIP: Don't leave the grout colours to your tiler.

Our Design Team Recommend:

Greige, 44 - if you would like to exaggerate the antique style.https://www.bakedtiles.co.uk/collections/grouts-adhesives/products/kerakoll-fugabella-color-grout-44-greige-3kg?variant=31378537447558

Soft Shadow, 04 - if you would like the tropical pattern to really stand out. https://www.bakedtiles.co.uk/collections/grouts-adhesives/products/fugabella-color-grout-04-soft-shadow-3kg?variant=31378499633286

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