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Tuscany Botanical Mural 20cm x 20cm

Tuscany Botanical Mural 20cm x 20cm

Following on from the success of our Tuscany Tropical series , we are delighted to introduce our Tuscany Botanical range. A wonderful Mural of 36 tiles ( 1.2mx1.2m) with a fabulous charismatic muted colour palette, perfect for both traditional and contemporary settings!

Please note samples are not available of our Mural panels, but for colour and finish referencing, please order a sample of the Tuscany Botanical Decor.

This wall tile is fabulous, however to achieve the reflective textured surface that is so important to its appearance, it is made from a certain type of biscuit. This is rather delicate and doesn't like to travel and can sometimes chip or break in transit. Both the team at Baked and our customers really love the range, so would want to continue supplying it for you and we will replace any breakages if informed within 3 days of delivery, but please be aware of this when you order. This does not effect the durability of the tile 

Technical Information
Tile Use: Walls
Tile Property: Ceramic
Tile Size: 20 cm x 20 cm
Tile Thickness: 6mm
Tile Finish: Gloss
Weight Per Tile: 0.55kg
Weight Per Box: 19.8 kg
Number of Tiles Per Box: 36
Number of Tiles Per m²: 36



DESIGNERS TIP: Don't leave the grout colours to your tiler.

Greige, 44 - if you would like to exaggerate the antique style.https://www.bakedtiles.co.uk/collections/grouts-adhesives/products/kerakoll-fugabella-color-grout-44-greige-3kg?variant=31378537447558

Soft Shadow, 04 - if you would like the botanical pattern to really stand out. https://www.bakedtiles.co.uk/collections/grouts-adhesives/products/fugabella-color-grout-04-soft-shadow-3kg?variant=31378499633286

Recommended Grout Joints - We have assumed that your substrate has a perfectly flat and plumb surface, please check with your tiler.

4mm grout joint.  Based on this joint size, 1 bag of grout would cover 6.7m².


Delivery in 30 days *Disclaimer: the stock indication and lead time not guaranteed. Please call us if you need exact information.

My Samples

Get 5 Samples for £5 delivered (£5 voucher included)

Tile sizes are a 10cm cut sample