Tiles for Offices & Workspaces

Surely these spaces should be inspiring for both staff and clients. If you have an office space where you entertain or present to clients do away with carpet tiles from the past, who wants to feel like they are in a dated uninspiring environment when perhaps they are tasked with winning a large contract or presenting to a big client. Let your environment match your potential as an office or company. Have you ever heard the expression 'Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have' - well the same goes for your office spaces. Style them for the clients you want, and for where you want to be in the future, rather than cutting corners and leaving your workspace dull and dreary. We have all been there, possibility for an interview with a new company and been shocked to see they're workspace doesn't match the brand identity, or for a meeting at a suppliers building to be greeted by a completely outdated space. It does matter what your employees or clients feel when they visit you, your office spaces are extensions of your brand.

Metal Effect Office tiles

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Our aim at The Baked Tile Company is to offer on trend ranges but that do not date. Langland is a prime example as it's a decor, available in two contemporary colours, grey and beige, with a matching plain; but it is a faded/muted decor so suitable for professional environments that want a little personality without being overly adventurous. For example this range would sit well as a plain tile throughout a commercial office space, with the decor in the entrance way only for a little interest, or perhaps in a conference room for a talking point. 

Creative Office Floor Tiles

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