Tiles for Cafes, Bars & Restaurants

If you are a commercial interior designer the dream project would no doubt be a quirky bar or avant garde restaurant. What designer wouldn't love a brief from a client who seeks a new and experimental style! However fulfilling an exciting and challenging brief such as that is not easy when the market is over saturated with mediocre product. Here at The Baked Tile Co we prides ourselves on having a tile selection fit for even the most adventurous of clients and we know commercial bar and restaurant designers will feel inspired and exhilarated by our ranges. 

Metal Effect Bar Floor Tiles

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Surf shack style cafes are missing out if they don't know about our Salvage wooden effect tiles. This distressed wooden effect porcelain is so realistic that even authentic driftwood wouldn't even be able to do such a good job at creating the look. This tile is bleach-able, steam clean-able and easy to maintain so drink spills are no problem for porcelain.

Salvage Wood Effect Floor Tiles for a Cafe

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Our Chamonix Parquet is a more refined wooden effect. More suited to wine bar settings, hotel barscocktail bars and such like. Glamorous doesn't have to mean highly polished... in fact this tile also has an R11 anti-slip version so for projects which specifically require anti-slip we have it covered! Also great for bars with terraces and outdoor space, the anti-slip version is perfect for outdoor spaces.

Wooden Effect Anti Slip Floor Tiles for Restaurants

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What about walls?! Of course it's not just about floor finishes when unusual design concepts come around walls feature heavily. That's were our 3D ranges come in useful. For maximum impact and visual interest mix some of the colours up for a unique finish. 

3D wall tiles in a Cafe setting

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