Baked Tiles For Businesses - Floor & Wall Tiles for Commercial Use

Here at The Baked Tile Co. we pride ourselves on having creative, and cost effective ranges for every style and every budget. Our products are perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, hallways and cloakrooms but that is not where our product potential stops, it's where it only just begins!

Chipboard Tiles in Cafe

Our tiles are excellent quality, with porcelain that is bleach-able, steam clean-able and hardwearing so it's no wonder that businesses up and down the country are embracing Baked Tiles as much as homes are, and we can see why...

Bars, cafe, coffee shop and restaurant designers in particular can benefit from using ranges that are both practical and design led, in the confidence that their designs will be both long lasting and striking. Which of course is what good design is all about! 

Baked Tiles in Restaurant Setting
Baked Tiles Floor Tiles in Bar setting
Baked Tiles in Cafe Food Setting

Gone are the days of dated carpet tiles in office spaces, now modern city buildings relish the opportunity to make good first impressions on both clients and staff, and what better way than large open spaces to portray contemporary office life

Baked Tiles in Office Environment
Baked Tiles In Office Desk Setting

Even salons, barbers and hairdressers can shake the stereo typical styling that they adopt as standard and make their mark on their customers by opting for more personal styling. Get your clients Instagramming your decor as well as their new cut! 

Baked Tiles Hairdresser Floor Tiles
Salon Floor Tiles - Baked Tiles

We all know stores, showrooms and receptions can be drab or fab and this deal breaker is not solely down to the products they sell or represent, it can be heavily influenced by the decor. We believe that tiles shouldn't be used for purely practical reasons, but decorative too and with a simple but effective tile scheme, coupled with company branding stores can be transformed with a little creative ingenuity. 

Shop Floor Tiles from Baked Tiles
Baked Tiles Clothing Store Tiles
Baked Tiles Men Shop Floor Tiles

As we supply to many UK commercial clients, including architects and end users we understand that it is also imperative to understand and supply safety information along with specs. Of course spaces needs to look fabulous but safety and compliance to regulations is equally as important. Rest assured we have all of the slip resistance ratings for all of our tiles, and understand LRV's so you are in good hands!