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Let's get creative with Hexagon Floor & Wall Tiles, The Baked Tile Co way!

Posted by lesley Taylor on

Let's get creative with Hexagon Floor & Wall Tiles, The Baked Tile Co way!
It is no secret that designers and consumers alike have been swooning over all things hex for a while now, and the trend is not set to disappear any time soon! So let the swoon fest continue with our 3 top picks and top tips for hexagon shape tiles.
Pick and tip #1
Plain doesn't have to mean boring. If you like the idea of using hexagon but aren't one for crazy colour, or bold pattern then keep it simple. Opt Hexagon Studio White with a light grey grout to define the shape, without the fuss. Simples.
Used here in a real life setting we just love this look! 
Pick and tip #2 
Hex works on walls as well as floors! When we speak to customers about what they want often they will say what they have seen before, perhaps so not to risk a mistake. It took a little while for the hex trend to migrate from floor to walls, but it is a fab look for both, and good inspiration websites like Pinterest or Houzz will show you how it's done!
We just love 3D Hexagon Offset for a fabulous feature wall tile! 
Pick and Tip #3
Be creative. If you are open to having fun with your home decor, then look no further than Hexagon Leaf. This hex ticks the boxes for both shape, and pattern. Perfect for lovers of both! 
You can pair with a plain partner to dilute the effect if needed. 
Our verdict is that there is a hex for everyone, you just need to find yours here>>> www.bakedtiles.co.uk

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