Tiles for Hairdressers, Salons and Barber Shops

We have all seen those Instagrams of 'New nails', 'New hair', New style'... right? What if those very same clients were Tweeting, Instagramming and Facebooking not only your work, but your fabulous décor too? Surely that would grab the attention of not only people who appreciate their friends new hair cut but also others, other potential clients who haven't noticed your shop previously. We are often asked for statement tiles floor and wall, we believe we have this covered. You can opt for easy clean as most of our ranges are porcelain, but also our products are beautiful and striking, adding value to your brand and business. If you have multiple sites rolling out the same design could be key to a consistent client experience.

Hairdresser Floor Tiles

We recommend our London Funk range for just this - monochromegraphic prints which are also easy to clean, but would be both maintenance free and memorable. The entire London Funk range are 20x20cm in size so for the companies looking for even more variety mix and match from a cross section of the range for a mixed floor, tonally similar but totally unique.

London Funk Floor Tiles for Hairdressers

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Don't neglect your washrooms. Who wants to be beautifying front of house, just to be greeted by a dirty old WC out back. Often visits to the salon can be all day affairs so a trip to the rest room is inevitable.Think about your customers journeys and make all rooms they enter equally as visually appealing for a truly memorable experience they'll share with friends, family and be back to try for themselves again and again. 

Bathroom Floor & Wall Tiles

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