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Understanding the various ratings for slip resistance in tiles can be tricky. For a number of years there have been a variety of methods used by manufacturers across the globe, but research has confirmed the pendulum to be a reliable and accurate test, so the  Health and Safety Executive in the UK has adopted it as its standard test method for assessing floor slipperiness in both dry and contaminated conditions.

In simple terms Pendulum results should be interpreted using the information reproduced in this Table (from UKSRG, 2011).

Slip potential classification, based on pendulum test values (PTV)

PTV High slip potential 0-24 

Moderate slip potential 25-35 

Low slip potential 36 +

So as you can see tiles with a +36 rating offer the least risk for slips.

Making commercial tile specifications as easy as possible for architects and interior designers, we the design team at Baked Tiles, have gathered together an impressive range of tiles judged as having a Low Slip potential as they rate as +36 PTV, making them ideal for use in commercial settings.

We generally have other slip ratings for our products such as the Ramp test, so please contact us if you require further information.

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