Baked Tiles Metro Range - High Quality Textured Metro Tiles

Baked Tiles Metro Range - High Quality Textured Metro Tiles

Metro tiles are an all time favourite, but with so many cheap poor quality options on the market, we had kept well away...until now!  Our Metro tile not only has a wonderfully rich glaze, but it also has a textured decor that elevates it on the design stakes, meaning you can embrace the nostalgic vibe associated with a chamfered metro tile, but also add detail with its decorative partner.

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Urban Vs. Industrial Style Interiors - Tips to Create the Look

As we have mentioned before in previous blog posts, two styles can often merge into one, a popular pairing is urban and industrial. Here at Baked Tile Co we see many clients with many different briefs for many different styles, but when tackling urban/industrial homes, often their definitions of those styles can be much the same. Here's a short guide on how to separate your urban from your Industrial and get yourselves back on track with your tile selections! Tip 1: If the look you seek is rustic with exposed copper pipe work, for example, then don't add slick tiles, even if they are in a concrete effect, especially if you pair it with plain...

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