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Wooden Effect Tile Ideas: Inspiration for Bathrooms and beyond!

Why wood? Well why not, it is warm in tone, can be spa-like, chalet-like, Scandinavian, traditional or contemporary, and is very, very cosy!

Wood has been a favourite of designers and home owners since time began and is often found residing in lounges, dining rooms and bedrooms. But what if you want to use the versatile finish in rooms which are humid and wet, such as a bathroom or even outside? If you have ever used wood or laminate in a bathroom you will know exactly why this is not advised. Wood is a natural finish, so is often absorbent and porous meaning when in contact which high levels of humidity or water it may bow, and if laminate is used for such applications it is highly likely to delaminate over time.

Wooden effect tiles however are the perfect solution for bathrooms, kitchens and even in some cases outdoors! The Baked Tile Company has many options for you if you are considering using a wooden effect tile in your home or next project. We have sourced products to create distressed industrial styling in the form of our Courchevel range, tiles that can go indoor and out in Coed, and more unusual wooden effects such as our Townhouse mosaic tiles.

Search Coed, Chamonix Parquet, Lodge, Courchevel, Hexagon Wood and Townhouse using our search facility to explore our ranges in detail.

In the meantime we would like to show you some examples of how our clients have successfully used our ranges in their home, and we think you will agree the results are stunning! If you have used a Baked Tile Co wooden effect in your home we would love to see your results, please email us images of your finished project to info@bakedtiles.co.uk

Coed Flooring

Coed Range

Coed Range

Coed Range

Courchevel Wood Tile Range

Courchevel Range

Courchevel Range

Courchevel Range

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