Using Building Materials as Final Finishes in Your Home Interior

Using Building Materials as Final Finishes in Your Home Interior

We are certain that if you have stumbled across this blog, then like us you are obsessed with home interiors. There is a lot to be said for doing your research before making a purchase for your home, especially if the items you are purchasing are part of fixed rooms such as kitchens or bathrooms. Products such as tiling, sanitary ware, kitchen units or worktops need to be carefully considered and not selected in isolation from one another otherwise it can lead to mismatched items and the finished rooms looking a bit disjointed.

So where does that leave you if you want to use creative finishes to achieve your dream interior? Well here at The Baked Tile Co, not only do we want to make your purchases easy, we also want to inspire you and make your selection process an easy peasy one too! We have selected two unconventional interior finishes currently leading the way in interiors and created for you your definitive guide to using concrete and plaster finishes in your home. Grab a cuppa, dunk your doughnut and strap in for a journey that will inspire you and your next interiors endeavour.

Concrete Jungle

A trend is usually born of either the trickle-down effect or trickle-up effect and our obsession with concrete interiors is no exception. The very nature of concrete is perceived as hard, uninviting, unattractive and generally unpleasant, so we are sure this current trend emerged from trickling up and urban designers using this inexpensive material as a cheap alternative to other more traditional finishes such as stone. The downside to a trend is once a material becomes en vogue it often becomes more expensive, so the reason it came to fruition in the first instance is no longer the reason for its current popularity. This is very true of concrete finishes as less and less people opt for the do-it-yourself techniques of the original urban designers but instead employ artisans and pricey professionals making the finish now an expensive one and often unattainable to people on a budget. Addressing that issue, roll up Urban Concrete by The Baked Tile Co. This range of concrete effect porcelain will give you the look, for less. Concrete effect tiles are the perfect alternative to poured concrete as they do not require sealing, can be fixed by a regular tiler and importantly, samples are available in the exact finish and colourway your final delivery will arrive in, so you can select your kitchen units, soft furnishings and other interior items to match or compliment with confidence in the end result. This particular range is available in large format (up to 80x80cm in size) and available in two finishes, semi polished or natural.

Concrete Effect Tile

Concrete Effect Tile in Room

Perfect Plaster

If you are renovating, self-building or simply decorating, you will no doubt have had dealings with plaster. The plaster that is taking the world by storm is not the pinky tones you find underneath your wallpapered walls but plaster techniques such as tadelakt plaster, a waterproof Moroccan application suitable for even wet areas such as showers. This look is very fluid, organic and can give you a very hand finished look. This isn’t a finish that you can likely achieve through DIY unless you have experience in this area. This is one best left to the professionals! Don’t throw in the towel just yet though… just as we have a tile for concrete effect we also have a tile perfect for polished plaster effect rooms! Yes, we love you that much we would never leave you in the lurch on this one. It is our pleasure to present to you Polished Plaster, available in 30x60cms and 60x60cms in 5 contemporary colours. Use this range in bathrooms with soak tubs, Moroccan inspired mirrors and lighting for your very own Moroccan spa experience. Alternatively, floors would benefit from this beautiful tile if paired with low cubic sofas and floor cushions in a similar souk style.

Plaster Effect Tile

Plaster Effect Tile in Room

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