5 Tile Ideas Perfect for Small Bathrooms

5 Tile Ideas Perfect for Small Bathrooms

The average British bathroom measures 1.8m x 2.4m but some are indeed smaller. If you find yourself with a small bathroom renovation and you don’t know where to begin, or you are receiving conflicting information from various sources, then let us set you back on track to bathroom heaven with 5 tile ideas which are perfect for small bathrooms.

#1 – Elle Décor White

Who says you can’t make patterned tiles work in small spaces… Elle Décor white as seen in this bathroom has a plain partner. Break up heavily patterned designs by using it in conjunction with a plain. Contain the patterned tile to the floor, and wrapping up one wall for maximum impact. View this tile range >

Elle White Decorative Tiles

#2 – Tokyo

An incredibly versatile tile, this stone effect porcelain comes in a 15x60cm, 30x60cm and mosaic. Used together, the sizes work in harmony to create contemporary and striking bathrooms. Using the two rectangular tiles together can make for a feature wall without introducing another tile or colour. Perfect solution for smaller rooms and a seamless look. View this tile range >

Tokyo Tiles for Small Bathroom

#3 – Town & Country Brick

Brick effect tiles are a classic for the British bathroom, a staple if you will. Simple, effective and ideal for bathrooms with smaller footprints. Brick effect tiles often come with a dado tile and our town & country range is no exception. Use its matching dado pieces to finish tiling half height and paint or wallpaper above to add personality to an otherwise plain and simple scheme. View this tile range >

Brick Effect Traditional Tiles

#4 – Chipboard Stripes

Just because space may be tight it doesn’t mean your creativity has to be stunted. If you are feeling bold then products like chipboard are for the adventurous. Like the previously featured Elle Décor, wrapping one wall and the floor in a more decorative tile from the range works well in compact bathrooms. View this tile range >

Chipboard Effect Tiles

#5 – Creative Geometrics

Bijou doesn’t have to be boring. Opting for modest sized sanitary ware means more wall space to decorate in tiles such as our creative geometrics. All you need is a good tiler with a creative eye and you can create any look you desire! Fun and affordable tiles for rooms of all shapes and sizes. View this tile range >

Creative Geometric Tiles

For more tile ideas visit www.bakedtiles.co.uk