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A Guide to Using Patterned Wall & Floor Tiles

Posted by Justine Bullock on

A Guide to Using Patterned Wall & Floor Tiles

With such an exciting array of tiles, it is sometimes difficult for our clients to decide which is the right one for their particular project. So we, the team at Baked Tiles, have created a guide to help you when to use patterned tiles.

Patterned tiles are very similar to wallpaper, choosing the right colour, pattern and scale is really important when making your selection.  Certain patterns will work in certain room styles and a patterned tile will have as much of an impact on setting the tone of the look of a room as wallpaper does.

So where do you start? You need to decide what style of room you are trying to create. Traditional, new traditional a modern take on a traditional style, retro, industrial, or vintage style?

Traditional is most likely one of the most obvious of all. Our London patterned tile range is perfect for period style homes, being suitable for decorative hallway floors, kitchens and even bathrooms.  It comes with a range of border and corner designs meaning you can create rug effects, with plain borders around the perimeter of a room and a decorative panel in the centre. Alternatively you can just use one design to cover a whole surface within a room.


Traditional Pattern Floor Tiles in Hallway

Patterned & Decorative Hallway & Floor Tiles

New Traditional is a term we use for traditional or nostalgic settings that also looks very on-trend and a little more personal.  We curated a range of patterned porcelain tiles called London Funk that are a little more edgy than London and look amazing when combined with traditional furniture and furnishings.

Modern but Traditional take on Patterned Floor Tiles

This great hallway has used a combination of 20x20cm plain and patterned tiles to give what is a traditional setting a contemporary twist. The room looks perfectly on-trend whilst not losing its traditional identity.

Here our Elle Décor white has been used to create a modern country style bathroom with a nostalgic edge. The plain version of the tile has been used to defuse the style and enables the pattern to be limited to zones on the floor and above the bath.

Modern Country Bedroom with Retro Edge Tiles


Patterned tiles are synnonimus  with retro style. Those of us who are old enough will remember the exciting array of tiles available to home decorators in the 1970’s, those of us who are just a little too young for that will now be exposed to patterned designs in all manor of interior products that were inspired by the funky 70’s. Orla Kiely is just one well known contemporary designer using this significant era as inspiration for her designs. 

The shape of a tile can be as important to its overall look and feel as the pattern or colour. One simple tile that looks great in a retro setting is our Hexagon Wood. It’s a wood patterned hexagon shaped tile that comes with a retro style simple décor and is great for adding that retro vibe without going full out for pattern.

Hexagon Wood Tiles for a Pattern Wood Effect Floor Tile

If you are a pattern junky however, use something like our Bologna range to inject decorative detail to your walls and floors. Fes is another retro style tile, great for bringing some fresh decorative style to the walls of your home. 

Traditional Patterned Floor Tiles

Retro Pattern Wall Tiles

Industrial style

Patterned tiles for an industrial style setting come in a few guises. Our Elle Décor grey tile looks amazing when combined with Industrial style lighting and furniture.  Equally, London Funk Tweed looks great when combined with brick effect walls and distressed industrial style furniture. 

Industrial Style Pattern Floor Tiles

Vintage style patterned tiles

Designers love to mash up designs and our vintage design tiles are great for enhancing a nostalgic, vintage style interior and equally for injecting some personality into a minimal contemporary setting.  Both our Vintage tile and Bologna Little Delft tiles work on both walls and floors. You can use this style of tile to cover an entire wall within a contemporary setting or as a splash back in a traditional style room. 

Vintage Style Pattern Wall Tiles that can be used as kitchen splash back tiles

Decorative Kitchen Splash Back Wall Tiles

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