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Job Lot (4.2m²) - Embossed Plain Aquamarine 12 x 24cm

Job Lot (4.2m²) - Embossed Plain Aquamarine 12 x 24cm

We have 148 tiles (4.2m²) in stock which we are selling as a job lot.  The recommended retail price for this quantity would be £217.00 but the clearance price is £150.00.  Please note, once it's gone, it's gone.

Rustic, decorative and nostalgic, our Aqua Embossed plain tile comes in a soft palette of fabulously varigated glossy tones. Great on it's own or used with the embossed decor.

Technical Information
Tile Use: Walls Only
Tile Property: Ceramic
Tile Size: 12 cm x 24 cm
Tile Thickness: 9mm
Tile Finish: Gloss
Weight Per Tile: 0.47 kg
Weight Per Box: 12.1 kg
Number of Tiles Per Box: 26
Number of Tiles Per m²: 34.66


DESIGNER TIP Don't leave your grout colour to your tiler!

Our design team suggest you use Grout colour 05 shadow,.


Or for a crisp edge, that will make the tile colour look richer use 01 white.https://www.bakedtiles.co.uk/collections/grouts-adhesives/products/fugabella-color-grout-01-white-3kg?variant=31378498519174

£150.00 £217.00

In Stock *Disclaimer: the stock indication and lead time not guaranteed. Please call us if you need exact information.

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Tile sizes are a 10cm cut sample