3D Triangle White 12.4cm x 10.8cm

These great white triangular tiles can be used alone or with tiles from our Perspectives range. Be as bold or as subtle as you like, combine plains with Metallic or stick to a single colour for a more understated 3D effect!

Technical Information
Tile Use: Walls only
Tile Property: Ceramics
Tile Size: 12.4 cm x 10.8 cm
Tile Thickness: 9mm
Tile Finish: Gloss
Weight Per Tile: 0.16 kg
Weight Per Box: 3.23 kg
Number of Tiles Per Box: 20
Number of Tiles Per m²: 150



DESIGNER TIP Don't leave your grout colour to your tiler!

Keep it simple and let the 3D feature within the tile do the talking.

Our design team suggest you use Grout Colour 01 white.  To exaggerate the Hexagonal shape of the tile use Grout colour 07 Grey.



Tile Order Options

Delivery in 30 days

£1.01 per tile

*Disclaimer: the stock indication and lead time not guaranteed. Please call us if you need exact information.