Our Design Director has been tracking the resurgence of terracotta, a trend that has been bubbling just under the radar for a few months now. To ensure we are bang on style wise, we are pleased to introduce our terracotta effect porcelain floor tile. Designed to emulate a hand made terracotta brick, it can be laid in both a grid pattern and in alternative directions. This well priced terracotta alternative requires no sealing and is really easy to maintain.



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See below examples of how you can use this tile range throughout your home to create the perfect look you’ve been dreaming of. Our tile ranges are extremely versatile & are not just limited to one room. If you’d like any ideas or information on how to design your home using any of our tile ranges, we offer FREE designer advice. Please phone us on 02920 358 409 or email info@bakedtiles.co.uk.

Terracotta Brick 45cm x 45cm


Terracotta Brick 45cm x 45cm

from £39.50  m2