Grout Upsell Collection for Disc Retro Blue

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      DESIGNER TIP Don't leave your grout colour to your tiler and don't forget to select a coordinating silicone for the perfect finish.

      Unlike some of our other ranges, the Disc tiles allow you a bit of creative freedom when choosing grout colours. 

      Our design team suggest you use Grout colour 16 to complement the Darker tones in the tile. This colour grout will also contrast with the warmer tones beautifully. 

      To complement and highlight the lighter tones within the tiles, we suggest using grout colour 13. 

      For an warmer look overall, we suggest using grout colour 35. 

      Recommended Grout Joints - (We have assumed that your substrate has a perfectly flat and plumb surface, please check with your tiler.)

      2mm grout joint.  Based on this joint size, 1 bag of grout would cover 2.5m².

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