Why we Love tiles, and you should too!

Why we Love tiles, and you should too!

Tiles have been around for centuries, so at the very least are a tried and tested finish. Today they are so much more than just an age old finish for floors. Advances in technology and collaborations with companies at the forefront of the design world have forced tiles into the 21st century, and we couldn't be happier about it! 
Here are just a few of the latest trends to emerge from the industry thanks to technology in recent years. The Baked Tile Co just loves to find new and exciting product for you so we have naturally included these finds in our range; 

Shapes - Tiles are no longer just square or rectangle in shape. Of course hand made artisan tiles in small quantities have been available in all kinds of shapes for years, but being able to produce large quantities of unusual shape porcelain tiles, each exact in size and shape is a relatively new concept. We just adore this porcelain intricate marble and wooden effect mosaic, who would have thought a tile could be this beautiful?!

Prints - Digital printing is now everywhere, and the tiling world has taken advantage of this technology. Recreating wooden effect tiles that you really would have to do a double, and even third take of to even notice that they weren't the real thing! This has perhaps been their biggest achievement in implementing this technology. Just take a look at this distressed range to see for yourself! 

Texture - Another technique that once was the preserve of the handmade ranges, texture can now be achieved on mass, again all thanks to modern advances in equipment. Texture is huge in the industry right now, and we believe we have something unusual in the form of our 3D ranges. 3D hexagon is our favourite wall tile that we offer in this category and we think you'll see why! 

Replicas - Our final observation of how technology has advanced the industry would have to be in replicas. Once Victorian and Edwardian style floors were the preserve of the fortunate few who were lucky enough to find them under 70s vinyl floor tiles or underneath carpet etc. Until recently replacing floors such as this was an expensive job, which would have needed to be undertaken by experts in this field. Now we are pleased to present tiles such as our Paxton House which makes installing such floors accessible to everyone, and all tilers can fit these pre scored beauties meaning labour costs can be kept to a minimum also! 

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