Hints and Tips for achieving perfectly tiled Small Bathrooms...

Hints and Tips for achieving perfectly tiled Small Bathrooms...

In a previous blog about small bathrooms we mentioned that the average British bathroom measures 1.8m x 2.4m but some are indeed smaller. For this reason, we are regularly asked by clients what should they do with such limited floor and wall space, and of course our answer is tile it! Beyond that though we like to provide helpful hints and tips so that if you do decide to tile your small bathroom you are really making the most of what limited space you have. To help illustrate our hints and tips we have used images of real homes of Baked Tile Co clients throughout this blog.

There are no rules

Often clients will have been told, whether by a tiler or friend, that small bathrooms can’t take large tiles. This is as much a myth as your nose growing when you lie. The truth is there are no rules. If you choose large tiles in a small space the key is in the setting out, make sure there are no tiny cuts and you are grand!

Using staggered oblong tiles on walls

LA is a textured porcelain and various sizes together work in harmony to create contemporary and striking bathrooms, no matter how small the space. Using three different sized rectangular tiles together can make for an effective feature wall without introducing another tile, or colour. Perfect solution for smaller rooms and a seamless look.

LA Staggered Tiles

Opt square, but patterned

As you can see in the image below a small bathroom may only be able to take around 12 square floor tiles. So why play it safe?! This client used Canvas Décor Grey to make more of their otherwise boring floor, and we love the results!

Canvas Decor Floor Tiles

Using brick

Here Town and Country brick in dark grey was used with traditional styling. In a room which is small the dark hue is contrasted by the crisp white sanitary ware. We think this scheme works perfectly and wonder if it would have had as much impact had the client opted neutral?

Town & Country Brick Effect Tiles


Still as popular as ever mosaics work wonderfully in compact bathrooms. If used on mass rather than as a feature stripe it will help to make the room feel larger, and ultimately more luxurious. Mosaic entire walls, or floors and stay away from feature stripes.

Bathroom Tiles

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