Get your garden ready for Spring with tiles.

Get your garden ready for Spring with tiles.

During this unusual time, whereby more and more of us are now trying to deal with the prospect of self-isolating due to Coronavirus, there is a need to find things to do to reduce stress and anxiety at this difficult time. In order to look after our own well-being this could be the ideal time to tackle a brand-new hobby. You may be part of the Netflix crowd and want to catch-up on some TV shows that you’ve missed, perhaps you’ve been calmed by the prospect of painting your first masterpiece or writing your first top ten hit.  Well, according to Rochelle Humes of This Morning fame, there has been a huge surge in recent days in the purchase of bulbs and perennials in order to get outdoors and make the most of our own gardens by creating that vision of a leafy oasis just outside our own kitchen door.  

Tile: Rhyme

Tile: Rhyme Anti-Slip Mix Decor Tangerine + Plain Grey


Plants and flowers can add colour and texture to your garden but this could be the perfect opportunity to take your outdoor area and inject it with personality and design by using tiles to enhance your outdoor space, so in the same way that we, here at Baked, bang on about introducing style into your home, we’d like to help you tackle the idea of injecting the same design and personality into your own Outdoor space. 

 Tile: Nostalgia Anti-Slip, Triangle

Whilst many of the same considerations used for indoor tiles also affect your choice of outdoor patios tiles, there are some issues that need to be kept foremost in mind:  

Freezing Conditions 

In Britain we live in an area exposed to frosts and freezing conditions that is then eventually followed by a thaw, you will need an outdoor patio tile that can withstand diverse, all year round, changes in temperature. Water absorption rates between porcelain and sandstone are very different and the latter, being very porous may crack when frozen. 


Tile: Rhyme Anti-Slip Mix Decor Blue + Plain Grey


Porcelain tiles, on the other hand, absorb very little moisture, meaning they are really easy to maintain as stains don’t get into the body of the tile, unlike natural stone for example. But it also means water cannot penetrate into the core of the product and then expand when it freezes. That is what causes so many products to crack in the cold weather as the water within it expands in the cold. 


Wet Weather 

But frost isn’t the only issue the products we place on surfaces outside need to cope with. Rain is a pretty regular occurrence in the UK, so thinking about the slip resistance of flooring is a big consideration.  

Choosing the right slip-resistance for any tiles you use outside very much depends on whether you are likely to walk over the surface regularly when its wet. The path leading to your front door for example, really should have a tile that works well underfoot when wet or dry. Therefore, a tile that is classed as anti-slip would be advantageous. 

Tile: Stone Concept Anti-Slip, Abyss


A patio that’s only used when the sun is shining is a different matter. A frost-resistant, matt-finished porcelain tile would be ideal, even when it isn’t actually classed as anti-slip. However, we would strongly suggest you avoid any tiles with a polished surface as simply walking from moist grass onto this type of surface could be risky. I know many people are used to seeing polished marble used externally abroad, but natural stones do absorb a certain amount of moisture through the tiny pores within the product and it is never as slippery when wet as shiny porcelain, despite this, it cannot cope with frost, so isn’t as great a choice as a matt-finish tile.  



You want your outdoor space to blend in with the style of the landscape that you are adding it to, so it is really important to match the design of your home to the new design and colours of your patio. Try to pick materials with textures and colours that are compatible with the overall style of your home. 

Tiles are just so varied in style you can inject the same personality into your garden as you can in your home. 

Habitat Out, Oak

Tile: Habitat Out, Oak


Stone Concept Anti-Slip, Pearl

Tile: Stone Concept Anti-Slip, Pearl


Stone Concept Anti-Slip, Pearl

Tile: Stone Concept Anti-Slip, Pearl


Stone Concept Anti-Slip, Abyss

Tile: Stone Concept Anti-Slip, Abyss


Nostalgia Anti-Slip, Diagonal

Tile: Nostalgia Anti-Slip, Diagonal Black + White


Limestone, Pebble Grey

Tile: Limestone, Natural Pebble Grey


Limestone, Antracite

Tile: Limestone, Anthracite


 Tiles are just so varied in style you can inject the same personality into your garden as you can in your home.