How to Choose the Perfect Brick Effect Tile

How to Choose the Perfect Brick Effect Tile

Tiles are no longer just something hardwearing to put on your floors and walls, they really have been elevated to the level of a design product. At Baked tiles we always strive to find ranges that have maximum impact and our brick shaped tiles do that perfectly.


How to choose the perfect brick tile.

So the first question is, what style room are you trying to create? A nostalgic traditional room; a rustic country setting; a funky loft; or an on trend industrial styled room? Once you know then we can guide you towards the right tile for that particular setting.


The Traditional Room.

In the last few years we have seen a return of the Victorian glazed brick effect tile. They were the mainstay of most Victorian houses and we have embraced their nostalgic qualities once again. Also known as metro brick tiles ( for obvious reasons if you are French or American) because they were used to create an easy to maintain surface in the underground of all major cities back in the day, we now use them for creating authentic and or quirky traditional interior schemes. 

Traditional Brick Effect Tiles

Points to remember:

  • Use these tiles up to dado height for a truly traditional feel with paint or paper above.
  • Lay the tiles in a brick bond for an authentic traditional look or in a stacked layout (one on top of the other) for a slightly more modern look.
  • If you want to create a more quirky finish consider laying the tiles in a herringbone design.
  • Our white and pearl Urban Bricks can look great in a traditional setting and can be used on walls and floors.
  • Play around with the grout colour, on a light tile a white or light grout will give you a softer look whilst darker grout will make it look more edgy.


Rustic Country Style.

Imagine, big soft feather filled sofas, distressed timber and painted furniture and a roaring fire? What could look better and more interesting than our terracotta Urban Brick laid in a herringbone design through the whole of the ground floor, topped off with a few area rugs? The kitchen and bathrooms would look great clad in town and country marble bricks or the various colours of town and country glazed.  These tiles are such a great product to layer other finishes with. They look great combined with tongue and groove timber panelling, wallpaper and or painted walls.

Rustic Country Style Brick Effect Tiles


Funky Traditional Style.

We are all aware of the old patterned floors you can find in old Victorian and Edwardian houses, well interior designers are using this as a link to creating more contemporary yet sympathetic room designs, using patterned flooring combined with simple brick effect tiles. Our London Funk and Hexagon Leaf tiles are ideal for this style of interior scheme.

Funky Traditional Brick Effect Tiles


Industrial Style.

Old rustic brick walls and whole walls of glazed brick effect tiles are the back bone of this style. If you choose to incorporate a glazed brick such as town and country, make sure you grout it in a mid to dark grey to get the whole effect. Old worn rugs, chunky wooden furniture or items pooled together from old industrial style elements will look great in this setting. Combine all of these with industrial lighting  for the ultimate industrial style space. If you’re not that brave, keep things simple with a rustic brick wall, a few metal industrial style chairs and lighting for a defused setting, that shows you are aware of your current trends without going all out.

Industrial Style Brick Effect Tiles