Baked Tile Co Staff Tip: Using Patterned Tiles

Baked Tile Co Staff Tip: Using Patterned Tiles

The word pattern will either fill you with joy or dread! They can often be associated with garish or dated interiors, either way, patterned tiles can get a bad rep!

Here at Baked Tile Company we adore pattern and here are some of our top picks for introducing pattern to your home in a subtle way, a way in which is neither garish nor a trend that will quickly date.

1. Faded Motif, the peacock of our tile ranges, is subtle enough to slot into any scheme, but when it needs to be, it can also bring the wow factor to any room! A helpful tip that we here at Baked Tile Co suggest, is to use clever lighting to make this tile’s pattern shimmer!


2. Langland, named after the popular seaside spot in South Wales, encompasses a washed out pattern that does the trick for reserved pattern schemes in the home. Bring the sea-side to you with this natural beauty!


3. Barcelona, this ticks more than one box, its hexagonal shape couldn’t be more on trend at the moment and its surface pattern is embossed rather than surface applied, so you get pattern, shape and texture all in one tile!


If there is one design change you make in your home this Summer, it is to let pattern in!