Tile trends and why they are here to stay

Tile trends and why they are here to stay

We are crazy about tiles at The Baked Tile Company and if it will stay still long enough... we'll tile it! 

The tile trend has landed and it looks set to stay for the foreseeable future! And here at Baked Tile Co, we like to think outside the box.

As well as automatically thinking of tiles for floors and bathroom walls, the multifaceted product has also become a firm favourite of Interior Designers, many of whom now favour this finish for the use on walls in all areas of the home; for example chimney breasts benefit from the use of tiles as extreme heat from fires does not effect them in the same way it does a wallpaper or paint. Also, the use of bold colours and patterns to create a feature wall in the kitchen has really started to take off and we think our Shoreditch product with its bold and playful design will work beautifully. 


Shoreditch                                                   Courchevel in Silver Blue Mosaic  

Another trend that we love is the trend for exposed brick walls. It cannot always be achieved in homes so tile alternatives are huge at the moment; create your dream feature wall with our East End Brick and Rock Face ranges!


East End Brick                                                                  Rock Face  

If you don't have the option to re-tile your home; maybe you rent, have just completed your tiling or are saving for a later date, then you can still use these wonderful products to add interest to a space. Why not up-cycle an old coffee table by painting it and tiling the top of it? Our Patchwork collection would be the perfect choice for those of you wanting a quirky, vintage feel to a room. Or for the outdoors, you could use an easily removable back board and tile a splash back area behind your BBQ!


Patchwork                                                                         Up-cycle project using encaustic tiles 

So why not be adventurous with your next tiling project … which walls and surfaces can you tile instead of opting wallpaper or paint?!